What Do You Love About Where You Work?

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It’s February and that can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day is upon us. And while it would be easy to jump on the band wagon of office romance tales or list the best work-based Rom Coms (The Proposal anyone?), team NOMAD decided to go down a different route. We set out to discover what it is that you love about where you work. From your colleagues, to flexible hours to the free coffee to the office dog, we wanted to know what gets people out of bed in the morning and excited about heading off to work!

A Family At Work

The largest trend we discovered was admittedly unsurprising. Not one individual failed to mention their colleagues as the number-one reason they loved where they worked. Which makes sense. Your coworkers are the network that shapes your daily experience at work – from water-cooler gossip to inspiring brainstorms to drinks on a Friday afternoon – they’re there to support you and put a smile on your face, day in and day out. 

I’ve been with Westminster Business Council for the past 5.5 years and undoubtedly the best thing about my work are my colleagues. Not a day goes by when we aren’t in fits of laughter. Money can’t buy a supportive team, collaborative and fun personalities. Good colleagues make you want to get out of bed and do a good job. It’s as simple as that for me.

Sophie Shrubsole, Operations Director at Westminster Business Council

 A Sense Of Belonging

When employers go above and beyond to ensure that their employees feel safe and welcome at work, it can really boost wellbeing and morale. From on-site childcare to paid leave to flexible hours, there are several ways in which individuals can be made to feel at home in the office.

I love where I work because I have a great leader as a boss, my colleagues are like family to me, I can bring my child to work and we have an office dog that we adore. Plus we scrapped paper and went digital, I am allowed flexible working time, I feel valued and trusted and I have support to develop and learn. On top of that, our office space is cool and we are multinational.

Antoniya Beyriyska, Marketing Manager at Ask The Boss

A Flexible Lifestyle

Here at NOMAD, we’re a big supporter of flexible working styles, from remote working to team workation retreats. Location independence has become a massive trend over the years and the freedom it gives employees hasn’t gone unnoticed.

We’re a virtual agency where our team of 30 virtual assistants all work from the comfort of our homes. Some of us work from dedicated office spaces in our homes, others from the kitchen table. Many of us are lucky enough to spend time with our ‘office’ pets – as we get to take ours to work every day! There’s no commute and we don’t have to put up with tea or coffee that we don’t like. We don’t have to worry about our waistlines when it comes to the office cakes – though once in a while we do like to get together as a team for dinner and some team bonding.

Caroline Saunders, PR and Marketing Manager at Get Ahead VA

The greatest thing about my job is the flexibility and the trust my employers have in me. In addition to my role with Yummy Pubs, I am also currently finishing a bachelor’s degree and accepting freelance writing assignments. This makes for a very busy and hectic life, and my bosses are very understanding of this. I get to work from home when needed and enjoy flexible hours. The best part is that they have complete faith in my work. Possibly even better yet, is that I get to work from any of my six ‘offices’ – that’d be the company’s six pubs. And who doesn’t want to work from the pub?

Almara Abgarian, Head Of Random Acts Of Kindness at Yummy Pubs


A Change Of Scenery

A change of working environment goes hand in hand with location independence and flexible work hours. For freelancers this is especially true – particularly when your work is changing alongside your scenery. Projects can change from one day to another and that can make for some wonderfully exciting work. Being a part of an ever-changing industry like entertainment, can equally make for fresh challenges each day.

I’m a professional organiser, helping busy teenagers and adults manage time and space more effectively. I love the fact that I work in different homes every day and encounter different challenges so I leap out of bed every day and am never bored. My work makes a real and visible difference to my clients’ homes and their lives – and they often reward me with hugs. From a messy teenager’s bedroom to cluttered home office, I love the variety of the places in which I work. It really is the best job in the world!

Juliet Landau-Pope, Professional Organiser at JLP Coach

What’s great about working in the production industry, is that everything is constantly evolving and adapting to its ever-changing surroundings. This creates a huge challenge for the work force, we have to be up to date with current affairs, financial climates and of course, what our audiences want. Through this constant change we are always challenged, and when we produce something that is successful, the rewards are immeasurable.

Helen Callaghan, Office Manager and Creative Assistant at Bob & Co

A Sense Of Purpose

Human beings are undoubtably social creatures and helping others naturally instils us with a sense of pride and satisfaction. It makes us feel good to be good. That sensation of having affected someone’s day in a positive manner is something that a lot of people really love about their work.

I love the fact we’re working hard to solve a pressing problem in the tuition and education sector. We’re actually, tangibly changing lives by helping students improve their grades and in turn access new opportunities. The atmosphere in the office of a small group of people dedicated to making things work is amazing, even if we don’t have the answers straight away.

Giorgio Cassella, Marketing Manager at Tutora

I get to work with lovely clients who genuinely appreciate the work we’re doing to improve their business, and there’s never a day where I wake up dreading setting up my laptop and getting to work.

Hannah Whitehouse, Content & Outreach Specialist at Exposure Ninja

At NOMAD, we strive to discover new ways of working, new types of workspaces and what it takes to shape the future of work. What do you love about where you work? What gets you up and excited in the morning? In the meantime, happy Valentine’s Day!

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