Productivity In The New Age Of Workspaces

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Much is said about how the right space can increase productivity and employee satisfaction – but how? There are the obvious and the traditional; location, employee perks, amenities etc. But with the rise of coworking spaces, there comes the ability to explore more unique angles previously unavailable with the traditional rental sector.

Economies of Agglomeration

Much like how businesses clustered on a street (Bond Street for high end designer goods) or in a City (Palo Alto for Technology) can benefit from being together so too can a workspace for its members.

[…] collectively, they are able to compete against bigger, more established competitors

Through sharing a workspace startups and small businesses in say the digital agency sector can collaborate together on projects / tender for projects that otherwise would be too big for them, collectively however they are able to compete against bigger, more established competitors. Similarly they can draw on freelancers and entrepreneurs that share their space as and when they need.

Knowing your employees

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Personality tests, such as the Myers Brigs test indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive their world and make decisions. It can be applied to a broad spectrum and is frequently used to help get the most from managing teams. A key indicator from the test is whether someone is an introvert or extrovert – that being whether they regain energy by being alone or being with people. It is this that presents an interesting indicator within the modern workspace arena.

Companies can place their employees in the environments that will most suit them

For businesses based in coworking spaces they can access highly flexible work environments. The ability to hot desk in a coworking room or base yourself out of a private office means that companies can place their employees in the environments that will most suit them (or give their employees the flexibility to chose where to work within an environment).

Determining the mix of a team in terms of introverted and extroverted personalities could offer the employer the chance to select their workspace set up to compliment the balance of the team.

‘Flexi Time +’

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Companies offering their staff considerate working hours is not a new concept but with the rise of coworking spaces they are presented new ways to encourage, boost performance of and retain key employees.
Despite Brexit, prime office rates in London are near an all time high and demand is still outstripping supply, that leaves many corporates, especially the bigger ones a new problem to solve; not having enough desks.

In the City there are many contractors of big banks and advisory firms that share an under supply of desk space. The resulting outcome is that many employees must work from home 1 or 2 days a week. This may work for some people but often distractions and a too-relaxed atmosphere will likely impact productivity.

One option is to use the growing availability of coworking spaces to their advantage and to allow employees to work from pre-agreed locations that have all the facilities of their main office but are perhaps closer to their home. This strategy can be further developed to boost employee satisfaction allowing them to elect to work from these spaces when they need to be closer to home, i.e. if they have a young family or even if they are expecting the delivery of a mattress.


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Productivity In The New Age Of Workspaces

Much is said about how the right space can increase productivity and...
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